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Benefits of Exercise

by Charmaine McIntosh, Psy.D. | on October 16, 2022

Physical exercise if very important for your health and wellbeing.  With Covid-19, many people have been working from home which may mean less movement and being physically active.  However, it is important to remember that exercise has many benefits.

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You may ask the question, How much phsical activity should I do?  The Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology says, “Some is better than none! Make the most of your whole day by adding different types of movement at various intensity levels, including physical activity, muscle strengthening activities and standing.  The routine rituals of daily living such as casual neighbourhood walks, gardening, household chores and taking stairs instead of the elevator all contribute towards a healthy 24 hours.”  According to Harvard Medical School, we need “at least 150 minutes a week” of exercise - that’s just 21 minutes per day, and we can break it down into segments of 5 to 10 minutes.

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Harvard Medical School and ParticipACTION notes that some of the benefits of exercise include increased energy, better sleep pattern, improve concentration, ease anxiety, reduce risk of depression and destress, connect with others, lose weight and boost your sex life.  You can start small with activities you enjoy like gardening, walking your dog or a dance class.  Remember … Just a few minutes can make a difference … Sit Less and Move More!

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