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In Memory of Claire Hawes and Jon Carlson

by John Newbauer, Executive Director, NASAP | on February 05, 2017

The Adlerian world has lost two great Adlerians - Clair Hawes and Jon Carlson. 

Clair Hawes died Monday, January 30 in North Vancouver from Alzheimer's Disease.  Clair’s focus has been Adlerian couples and family therapy.  She attended ICASSI and was an instructor for many; she was also a founding faculty member of the Adlerian Training Institute.  Claire also taught graduate students in counselling psychology at the Adler School of Professional Psychology in Vancouver and was a Diplomate of NASAP. Her impact on Adlerian psychology continues through her many students and colleagues who came to love her dearly.

Jon Carlson has been the face of Adlerian counseling to more non-Adlerians. He developed a series of videotapes that can be seen on the American Psychological Association’s website including many books and publications. He was a prolific writer, teacher and mentor.  Jon was a professor at Governor's State University and after his retirement continued on to the Adler University where he helped, inspired and educated many people.  Jon was a bridge for Adlerian psychology to other theoretical orientations and clinicians who would never have heard of Alfred Adler without his work and personal encounter. He frequently invited others to participate with him on a presentation, a chapter or a book or project.

Jon and Claire will both be missed.

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