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A Sense of Belonging

by Charmaine McIntosh | on September 22, 2020

Sense of Belonging

The founder of Adlerian Psychology, Alfred Adler believed that each individual has the goal of belonging and feeling significant in their lives.  Humans strive for belongingness and meaning. When we feel that we belong, we are happy.  

A sense of belonging (social interest) creates cooperation, and we want to contribute to the community and society.  It is important to feel that you are not along; that is why having a sense of belonging is so fundamental in Adlerian Psychology and the human race.   

Learn More about Alfred Adler's view of Belonging and Adlerian Psychology.

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School Year 2020 - 2021: Deciding What is Best for Your Children and You

by Charmaine McIntosh | on September 14, 2020

Parent Multitasking

This school year presents as a challenge for many parents.  So many things to think about and decisions to make.  This article presents some questions as you think about what to do.  Please note that this is a USA website, so some of the material may not apply to us in Canada, but there may be some questions that can be useful.  Read More

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