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A Daily Meditation

by Charmaine McIntosh | on February 15, 2021

Let us be still for a few moments
Without moving even our little finger
So that a hush descends upon us.
There would be no place to go,
Nor to come from,
For we would have arrived in this extraordinary moment
There would be a stillness and silence,
That would fill all of our senses,
Where all things would find their rest.
Everything would then be together in a deep connection.
Putting an end to ‘us and them’, this against that.
We would not move in these brief moments
For that would disturb this palpable presence;
There would be nothing to be said nor done
For life would embrace us in this wondrous meeting
And take us into its arms as a loving friend.

~ by Christopher Titmus


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Black History in Canada

by Charmaine McIntosh | on February 12, 2021

As we continue to celebrate Black History Month, learn more by visiting these websites.

Noteworthy Historical Figures in Canadian Society
Biographies of some notable individuals who helped shape Canadian heritage and identity. LEARN MORE

Historic Black Canadian Communities
Since 1996, the Government of Canada’s annual Black History Month campaign encourages Canadians to learn more about the Black experience in Canada. This brief overview documents some of the events that helped to shape the contributions of people of African and Caribbean descent to the settlement, growth and development of Canada.

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Happy Birthday Alfred Adler and Rudolf Dreikurs

by Charmaine McIntosh | on February 07, 2021

AdlerDreikurs Bday 2021

Alfred Adler: Born February 7, 1870 (Vienna, Austria) - died May 28, 1937 (Aberdeen, Scotland)

Rudolf Dreikurs: Born February 8, 1897 (Vienna, Austria) - died May 25, 1972 (Chicago, Illinois)

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